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It. Is. Time. Whether your 1999 website needs a full facelift, your current site doesn’t truly speak to your brand – or you have a new product line or service offering  – we’re excited to take your business through its next beautiful phase.

Using the WordPress platform with the Avada theme, Juliet and Aaron have streamlined a process that simplifies the building and designing of a website, while keeping it completely customizable for your business. At Lunations, we work with you to ensure we’re capturing your message and creating a stunning site that reflects and honors your dream. In short, we make you proud to say “hey, check out my website.”


Every site is unique to the founder. Their vision, dream, and message will attract like-minded souls to their product or service. When creating your brand and the visual aspects that draw people in, ask yourself, who do you want to attract? Who do you want to work with? These are the questions we tap into when creating your digital space.


Vanguard Restaurant Group


Avatar Green Builders
AV Community Foundation
Backyard Bees
BizHelp Consulting
Buddha Counseling Solutions
Building Trades Network
Charlotte’s Sweets
Citrus City Grille
Concrete West
Cosmos Italian Kitchen
DISCy Chicks
E8 Engineering
Elissa Dawn
Fawbush Consulting
Feet to the Fires
Giana Dana Point
Great Park Garden Coalition
Gratitude Garden Preschool
Herzog Leadership Consulting
Jennifer Lovely Coaching
Kym Advocates
Leadership by Design
Linwood Engineering
Magellan Architects
Maison Dana Point
Mike Ebbitt
MMG Agribusiness
Northern Tek
OC Paralegal Service
PENN Restaurant Group
PENNUltimate Consulting
Perfect Fit Boutique
Project Ribbon
Results Driven Leadership
Results Driven Sales
Resource Wellbeing
Ryan Flo – Eye Catching Audio
Seismic West
Sonny’s Pizza, San Clemente
Steady, LLC
STG Capital Partners
Strategy Meets Performance
Tanco General Contractors
The light that saves lives
Transformative Breakthrough
U90 Coaching
Valerie Gelb
Vanguard Restaurant Group
Vodka & Juice Boxes Podcast
Wendy Schilling, MD
Word Rockers
Yin Yoga


Anyone can host a website, and while there are inexpensive, impersonal, and templated services out there, in the end, you’ll always get what you pay for. At Lunations, we believe in wholly customizable hosting services without the shady upsell tactics, long hold times, and elusive customer service that rushes you off the phone. With Lunations, you get a personal hosting relationship that’s on call and ready to help whenever you need us.

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Here are some of the reasons why people just like you trust their sites to us.

  • Site Monitoring – Chances are you probably don’t visit your website daily. We keep an eye on things so that you don’t have to. Rest assured that someone has your back when it comes to keeping your website online.
  • Backups – Most hosting companies charge for backing up your data, and don’t even check to see if your backups are even working. We take care of this for you. Our retention policy has you covered for most situations and can be customized even further if you have special requirements.
  • Personal Support – We are real people that can help. Email, call, even text us and we’ll respond. Let us deal with the website side of things so that you can focus on more critical tasks involved in running your business.
  • Technical and Creative Services – We are able to turn around update/edit projects quickly by having a dedicated graphic artist and IT engineer ready for you.
  • We Know Your Website Neighbors – With our hosting you can be certain that you are not sharing IP space on the Internet with any other illegitimate or questionable websites.

You can avoid all the headaches of dealing with website operations and focus on growing your business. We’ve got you covered on all fronts!